Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I don't need plastic bag

I don't need plastic bag and I am in Pahang.

Last time , I went to the market to buy some stuff. Yet, this time I managed to bring my own eco shopping bag (after several times of failed bringing it together while shopping and causing me feel damn guilty towards the environment).
When it's time to pay, I told the cashier that I don't need plastic bag. She looked at me and chuckled, 'it's okay kak, the price is including the plastic bags, ' 'no, it's okay, I don't need it, ' ' no kak, it's okay, I put in the plastic bag, '

Guessed what, inside I get boiled to the max. 'be patience ba, this is the beginning, it's never easy to manifest good things though,'

You see, I don't mind about the few cents as long as I am trying and training very hard to reduce the anthropogenic effects towards the Mother Nature for hundreds of years to go.
I don't mind about not being able to carry things, as long as the turtle won't stucked engulfing the fragments of plastic thinking that it was a delicious jelly fish.
I dont mind to be seen as mak cik mak cik carrying my own woven shopping bag, rather than letting one piece of plastic trash get into the life cycle, eating it through and causing more health complications.
Come on people, let us do our part, to save the environment. One piece of plastic is thousands of penny lost.

I stopped her from keep putting my groceries inside the plastic bag (like you know, they loooveee to put the items according to its type,  which is for me such a waste), pay the bills and thank her for being so concern of my few penny lost.

*if you notice any grammatical error or wrong sentence and vocabulary usage, please, please and please, do correct me. Thank you!

**thanks for reading it, any feedback is highly appreciated :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Cameron Highland

Cameron Highland able to give you an experience at living in the cold place after the four seasons countries. it might not that cold as we expected nowadays, but the coldness slowly creeping into the marrow when the night comes -I tell ya!

this small district is about four hours away from Kuala la lumpur through PLUS highway (two hours on highway, and another two for jalan dalam, but if you drive like nuts, the time taken can be better, dont worry ;)), and if you wanted a better route - wider, can be said as safer; choose EXIT Simpang Pulai, which is about 60 km away from EXIT Tapah (steeper, creepier, but shorter distance taken)

From Simpang Pulai you gonna meet Brichang first. in Brinchang, i am suggesting you guys to stop by, taking lotsa photos with blooming flowers and refreshing view of lavenders in CAMERON LAVENDER GARDEN. the fees for adult is rm10/pax (quite expensive tho, but o k laaaa since the flowers are just damn nice!). there is also a cafe nearby who sells nasi lemak sambal strawberry (die die must try in cameron katanya~). 

Brinchang also consist the gem of cameron highland; the mossy forest, Irau Mountain. This mountain was 2110m, making it the 15th highest mountain in Malaysia. I'd been conquering this mount twice already and i am still wanted to repeat it (never dissappointing). this place is at the boarder line between Pahang and Perak, beautifully decorated with mosses, cold, calming, and enchanting! Feels like in the story of twilight (babe, i never watch twilight or even read the novel; they said so anyways).

besides, i would like to suggest visiting Y'olde Smokehouse. it was a very old building originally built a century ago. the previous owner built the house to reminisced his hometown, England. I like to be there, the ambience, the food and their service was nice!

Si Penuntut Ilmu

"Ramai pelajar menyangka ibadah yang utama itu meliputi banyaknya solat, banyaknya puasa, banyaknya zikir,

sedangkan, akhlak yang mulia itu antara amal soleh yang utama!

tidak pantas baginya bersikap cemberut!

dia harus senantiasa ceria!

seorang penuntut ilmu harus memperhatikan ini wahai ikhwan!"

reflect diri,
apa akhlak yang berbaki sudah cukup baik untuk bergelar si penuntut ilmu.
jujur, aku hampir tak kenal, apa maksudnya akhlak yang mulia?
apa lagi akhlak sebagai pelajar.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

2017! New Year and everything's still the same

It has been a loongggggg time I haven't write anything here. I have to sweep the floor , wipe all the dusty places, and sprinkle some fragrance and lit up the candle. Gonna get back soon. Wait for more story from me then ok! ;)